When All Artists Thrive,
the Arts Come Alive

American Artists Project is growing a new future of creative equity and excellence from the artist up, reaching deep into every corner of every American community to illuminate and elevate under-resourced talent.

We collaborate with partners within and beyond local communities to extend creative opportunities and bring a more vibrant vision of the arts, where new stars and stories thrive, to life.

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Diverse Roots and Reach

Supporting under-resourced talent towards creative and professional excellence starts at solving local needs, but not every community in America has a seat at the table.

American Artists Project is building inclusive, creative, futures through the reach of true community, eliminating barriers and boundaries to ensure artists are confident in every possibility. 


Artist-first Support

Arts funding that invests in institutions first, artists second, leaves under-resourced talent even further behind. They need early advocacy and ongoing training as they polish and perfect their craft. 

American Artists Project is planting long-term partnerships that give students support in both craft and career, connecting them with opportunities to explore, aspire, learn, earn, and give back. 


Fresh Stories and Experiences

We’re committed to bringing new energy and intimacy to the arts community, with bold programs that share delightfully diverse and compelling stories across new venues and formats – where communities see themselves thrive and represented through the stories told on stage. 




Over $264K given to artists


Over 300 artists helped


50% annual increase in programs

Join us for Broadway Brunch!

Delightfully different celebrations that bring artists, donors, and members together in memorable ways. 

American Artists Project has made such an incredible impact on my lifeproviding opportunities that have shaped me into who I am today, and truly transforming my future for the better.

Their commitment to uplift lives and empower artists is nothing short of remarkable. I can confidently say I am now not only equipped with the tools I need to succeed but also surrounded by a network of amazing individuals who continually push me to be the best version of myself.

Jasmine Williams
Greg Easely-Bryant
Young Artist Program Participant

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